Tracie Tells All: New Year, New Chapter | Lux Style and Design

It’s the last Tracie Tells All post of the year, we finally made it to the end of 2018! Before I begin, I want to say happy holidays to you and yours. I hope this holiday season brings you tons of joy and bliss.

For the last Tracie Tells All post for 2018, I want to share three reasons that got me through this past year and what I’m looking forward to in 2019.

  1. Faith – I’ve always been extremely proud of my faith, and my faith in God has grown so much this year. He’s given me confidence and calmness about leaving corporate America and following an unconventional road, which is something that most are too afraid to pursue. Without His guidance, I’d truly be lost at sea without a clue about how to make it to shore.
  1. Business – They say work doesn’t feel like work when you’re doing what you love, and I completely agree. I’ve been blessed to not only pursue my dream, but work with a team of people who support and believe in my vision. People like Mirasha (brand & content manager), Veronica (owner of V. Cheri Designs) and the other designers/stylists on the platform make doing what I love so much more enjoyable, and because of their insight and perspectives, my eyes and ears are open to new ideas and strategies that’ll allow me to individualize Lux Style & Design for our customers. The more I learn about the fashion industry, the more I respect and love it.
  1. Health – Most people take their health for granted, but I for one thank God for my health every day. I went through a life altering experience years back, and to be honest, it’s still very unsettling to think about. I’m thankful for each breath and step I take because there are people who struggle to complete these simple acts every day.

I have a laundry list of things I’m looking forward to next year, so it was hard to narrow my choices down to just three. What am I excited for in 2019?

  1. Custom Prom Party – The Custom Prom Party series is happening at the top of the year and I’m so excited! I’ve been planning this event with the help of several key people and I’m super excited to finally launch. This event could open the door for so many ventures, so I’m looking forward to seeing our success!
  1. Designers and stylists’ creative visions – I can tell you firsthand that the designers and stylists on the Lux Style & Design platform work extremely hard to maintain their brand and provide excellent service/results for their clients. I’m ready to see the new collections from our designers and the trends that our stylists use to curate outfits for their clients.
  1. My closet revival – Yes, I own Lux Style & Design but my closet needs some TLC as well! I plan on completely redoing my closet, so out with the old and in with the new. I also want to fill my closet with more custom pieces. I only have one custom outfit, so I’m looking for bold, stylish garments from the LSD designers.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all of your support. Until next year!