Tracie Tells All: My Favorite Fall Trends | Lux Style and Design

Tis the season of knit sweaters, scarves and pumpkin spice galore. Fall is finally here! Fall reminds me that the holidays are nearing, and with the drop in temperature comes the emergence of some of our favorite fall fashions. I don’t know about you but I love fall trends – I envy those who live in cooler climates because they can wear these clothes more than I can. Nevertheless, I always take advantage of fall trends when the season falls around.

This month’s Tracie Tells All is dedicated to my favorite fall fashions. Check out some of my go-to pieces!


Everyone loves a good turtleneck and they’re perfect for the weather. No matter the color or occasion, a simple turtleneck can complement any outfit. I own so many that I can’t keep track, but hey, who’s counting anyway? You can definitely catch me in a black turtleneck with high waisted pants or a skirt and booties.

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are a personal favorite of mine because they’re the perfect for going out in cooler weather. This boot screams sexy and anyone can command the room when they walk in. Over the knee boots are extremely versatile and can be worn in virtually any setting. They’re perfect for date night, happy hour and a wild night out on the town with your girls. Plus, they keep your legs warm!


I’m obsessed with scarves! They’re a great fall staple and can add personality to any outfit. Whether you opt for a laid back look or want to add a pop to your work outfit, one can never go wrong with a scarf. Infinity scarves are my go-to for a casual look but

What are your favorite fall trends/accessories? Share your thoughts on my Instagram @adayintheluxlife!