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Hands up if you love a good bargain. Yep, we all love stocking up on the season’s latest trends. Only, do this too often and you’re soon left with an overstuffed, overflowing closet.

Did you know that studies have shown that we wear just one-fifth of the items in our closets? That means a measly 20% is re-worn over and over again. And the 80% that’s left over? Those usually get delegated to the back of the closet for a rainy day.

Sound familiar? If you’re currently facing a closet that’s filled to the brim, don’t fret. We delve into the ins and outs of spring cleaning your closet.

New Year, New Closet
We know… just the thought of reorganizing your entire closet can be daunting in itself. Here’s how to get started:
– Be prepared to take your time. Divide your closet into sections (dresses, shoes, underwear and so forth). Then give yourself a set time frame in which to cover each section. This will make the entire task seem more manageable.
– Of course, if you’re not easily overwhelmed, you could do a major clearance of the entire contents of your closet. Unpack absolutely everything in your wardrobe and lay it all out on your bed.
– From here, sort all items into three piles: Wear now, wear later and give away. The first pile is for clothing you currently wear on a regular basis. The “wear later” group will most likely be kept for the next season (e.g. light summer clothing to be stored away during winter). The last group is for those items you know you’ll never wear again.
– Once you’ve rid yourself of all your unused goodies, make a pact to stay more organized from now on. Invest in a standing rail with slim hangers to hang all your most-worn, everyday items.

Get Real
Be honest with yourself about clothes that no longer fit you. Remember, an item can easily be made smaller but it is near impossible to make it bigger. The same goes for stains – if a spot has been left to settle over a long time, chances are it’s not going anywhere.

If you’re still finding it hard to differentiate between the must-haves and the give-aways, consider the one-year rule. Frankly speaking, if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in an entire year, chances are slim you’ll ever wear it again. The exceptions of course are fancy black-tie clothing which can be saved for special occasions.

At the end of the day, spring cleaning comes down to prioritizing your clothing and then managing the way in which you store it. Staying organized on a daily basis is the key to your future closet success.

You can also schedule a consultation with one of our stylist to help assist you with your spring cleaning project. The stylist can assist you with putting looks together with your current clothes and also make suggestions on what should be on your next shopping list. Visit our website and select our closet revival service for your Spring Cleaning.

Tracie Benton