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What is your favorite outfit you ever wore?

I have a fabulous vintage dress from the late 1950s that my grandmother gave me when I was a teenager. She and my grandfather were in Paris, and they were on their way to a dinner when she saw it in a shop window. They went into the shop (even though it made them late for dinner) and she bought it. It is super elegant: a silk faille black fitted bodice and overskirt with a dark brown satin pencil skirt under the overskirt. It has two black silk faille bows at the fitted waist.

When did you wear it?

The first time I wore it was to my first fancy dinner as a teenager. I wear it every couple of years for a special occasion.

What makes it special?

It is a beautiful dress, but what makes it special is its connection to my grandmother, who passed away several years ago.

How did you feel?

I always feel very Holly Golightly – Breakfast at Tiffany’s in it, and it always makes me think of how elegant my grandmother was.