Make This Mother’s Day One to Remember | Lux Style and Design

Aren’t Moms just incredible? I don’t know about you, but every year around this time, I’m reminded of just how lucky I am to have grown up with a mother as extraordinary as mine. Just by being her fun, quirky and creative self, she has inspired me to be the same… and so much more!

Make This Mother’s Day One to Remember
And so, in honor of my number one girl, I’d like to make this year one that she will never forget. Have you decided on your Mother’s Day gift yet? This year, instead of the usual slippers and pajamas set, I’d like to propose something different. How about a gift that celebrates that unique bond that you share together? Think about special memories from your childhood that reminds you exactly what a special mother you have.

For me, when I think of my mother, it all comes down to fashion; in particular – black leather. Yes, you read that correctly. One my most vivid memories has to be of me watching my mother getting ready for a night out. How many kids can say that their mother wore a full black leather suit to a Prince concert? Yep, that’s my Mom!
Maybe your own mother influenced your fashion choices too. I will forever be grateful to my mother for allowing me the freedom to express myself through my clothing. In a world that often judges us for being different to the norm, I was encouraged to proudly be myself. What more could a kid ask for!

This Mother’s Day, let’s return the favor and show our appreciation for the unconditional love, support and acceptance that only a mother can give. So whether you’re a Mom yourself or the offspring of a seriously great one, to you and yours – Happy Mother’s Day!

Tracie Benton
Lux Style & Designer Founder