Behind the Brand: Lux Style & Design | Lux Style and Design

Lux Style & Design is proud to house a talented roster of designers and stylists that caters to various audiences in the Houston area, and we want to give you an in-depth look at the inner workings of the brand straight from the founders. Introducing Behind the Brand, a blog series that takes a closer look at the designers and style curators that are featured on the Lux Style & Design platform.

Behind the Brand is all about showcasing the minds of our stylists and designers, but we wanted to give you a glimpse into who’s behind the Lux Style & Design brand. For our second post, we interviewed Mirasha Brown (also known as Rae), the Brand & Content Manager for Lux Style & Design.

Lux Style & Design: How did you start working with Lux Style & Design?
Mirasha Brown: It’s actually kind of crazy how I connected with Tracie (Founder). I left my job back in May because I wanted to pursue my dream of helping businesses with their public relation needs. I literally cold emailed businesses I found online, and Tracie was the first to email me back. We scheduled a meeting to talk about what she was looking for, we mapped out a plan of action then she put me on a few assignments. A few weeks later, we officially started working together and haven’t looked back!

LSD: What’s your strategy in developing content for Lux Style & Design?
MB: Content creation can make or break a business, especially if the message isn’t clear and concise. Developing content for LSD is easy for me because I tend to put myself in the consumers’ shoes. Once I got a better understanding of the LSD audience and what our consumers like, a lightbulb went off and the wheels started turning. Now, it’s all about maintaining the integrity of the brand while building momentum!

LSD: Are there any fashion brands or publications that have influenced your branding strategy?
MB: Fashion Bomb Daily has done a great job at showcasing the work of talented designers in the digital space. I also love how fashion magazines like ELLE and Vogue have monetized social media and video content to make brands come alive.

LSD: Have you had any previous experience working in fashion and if so, what did you do?
MB: I had the opportunity to work with Rent the Runway! I worked with an amazing group of students to raise awareness about RTR at my university. We put on trunk shows, connected with school organizations and hosted fundraisers. I was over public relations, and I also had the opportunity to explore the world of influencer marketing. My proudest memory was when we executed a campus-wide RTR x Maybelline campaign. Did I mention the fact that we got free rentals? It was amazing!

LSD: What are your favorite brands?
MB: All of the brands on the platform are great, but I love the clothing from Kit and V. Cheri Designs! I’m big on the athleisure trend so I tend to wear a lot of Nike, Adidas and Ivy Park apparel. My favorite high end brand is Chloe.

LSD: Where do you see Lux Style & Design in five years?
MB: I want LSD to be EVERYWHERE! I see us being the premier styling platform for Houston’s elite while giving up-and-coming designers and stylists the opportunity to showcase their brands. I also see LSD hosting a ton of small and large scale events for various organizations and businesses. Tapping into video content would be ideal as well, maybe we could start our own web series!